Whoopi Goldberg’s New Cannabis Beauty Line

Everyone knows Whoopi Goldberg and now the comedian/actress who has served as an outspoken advocate for medical marijuana has launched a line of beauty cannabis products with the help of her friend, Maya Elisabeth. Turning these two cannabis beauty creators into bi-coastal phenomena.

It is no secret that Goldberg has approached the public passionately about marijuana and supports for the legalization of marijuana. Moreover, she has targeted female cannabis users. Which is the purpose of her new beauty product line which targets the healing of menstrual cramps. This line is developed with infused edibles as topical rubs, tinctures and even THC- infused bath soak to provide relief of crippling pain due to menstruation.

While being well known, the 60-year-old actress has fought hard for medical marijuana’s legalization and even spoke on behalf of this on the view. She even went head to head with the women on the view and ended with her offering the co-host to a visit to a marijuana farm.

Guest co-hosts S.E cup and Sunny Hostin were not quite on the same boat  calling pot “ a gateway drug”, and saying also “ I wonder why we think we think its ok to tell our children, its fine to disassociate- it’s fine to not be in our right frame of mind”. This being ludicrous led Whoopi to say she knew the “good parts” of using marijuana. She knew the advantages and eventually saying that medical marijuana has changed her life.

Medical marijuana has helped with her pain and discomfort. In fact, just recently, Goldberg had kicked her cigarette habit and felt astonished that she was unable to smoke joints anymore. She discovered vape pen’s which has alleviated her headache pains. Working even better than aspirin. Nevertheless, this moment had eventually set off an idea for her new beauty line and now she pleads with experts to test and see if cannabis could heal menstrual cramps.

Men may not understand this new beauty line which is supposed to debut in April but Whoopi does and “the view” host as a woman can contend with these pains and cramps. By putting out this line The Whoopi and Maya weed products which are formulated to relieve pain but not make a person stoned is refreshing and makes smoking a joint is fine, only if the person is of legal age of course.

The products are made with Cannabidiol (CBD), which omits that high effect commonly associated with weed products. Fortunately in California, where there are lenient variations of medical marijuana laws, they are the only ones in the country to sell Whoopi and Maya products. However, it could one day be seen soon in other states as well. In the end, it is alright to purchase these products if you are a medical marijuana advocate and user. Just being forward and pain free makes these products one to try. Perhaps this will start a beauty trend. Lastly making cannabis acceptable and cool once more again.

By: Veronica

Cover Photo: Mark Taylor

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