Tahoe OG Kush Review

Tahoe OG Review

Tahoe OG Kush is an Indica dominant Hybrid strain. It was a cross in the 80s / 90s between OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG.  The Tahoe OG is a favorite among smokers for its hard hitting effects and strong flavor. It’s also known as being a strain especially resilient to disease and mold. Our sample came from a grow operation near the area of Tahoe known to sell medical grade cannabis.

Hybrid: ~80% Indica, ~20% Sativa
THC: ~25%
CBD: ~0.2%

Appearance, Scent

This bud is rippled with pale green calyxes all the way around. This allows for a fairly thick covering of the orange pistols which gives the bud a soft texture. The sugar leaves are thick and dark green, and like the rest of the bud, are covered in trichrome. The smell is of fuel which sharply hits the nose followed by undertones of lemon and pine. The aroma is strong and lingers if left out too long, which makes an efficient strain for cooking if you like the flavor. However, not so efficient if you’re trying to hide it.

60xTOGConsumption, Taste

Initial method of consumption was via a joint. First of all, taking a dry hit fills the mouth and nasal cavity with a robust, ripe citrus flavor and upon exhale tastes of earthy fuel are left behind. The smoke was smooth tasted of strong pine. The onset of the high was quick and subtle. Primarily the effects were cerebral: lightening of mood, calming, slightly spacey but able to retain dimensional awareness without much of an issue. The body high is fairly non-existent, if anything does have undertones of feeling energy in the muscles, particularly noticed it in the thigh areas. Next we used a glass bowl. The smoke was much the same flavor as the joint, maybe a little bit nuttier of a taste. We felt a little faster onset, which we expected. The third and final method of consumption used was a vaporizer. Somewhere in the range of 360-370 degrees we found to be optimal for this strain. The vapor allowed for a more delicate taste of the sweeter, citrusy nodes the Tahoe OG harbors.


  • Euphoric
  • Relaxing
  • Hunger
  • Drowsiness

Recommended Use

0xTOGCasual / recreational activities.

  • Long drives during the day. You may not want this strain for night driving, as it could be a little too relaxing, but with the sun up, a cup of coffee, and a long stretch of road this bud will fit right in.
  • Homework / study. This may seem counterintuitive, however this strain’s ability to capture euphoria and mental clarity give it all the qualities needed for grinding out that education.
  • Casual social environments. This strain won’t have the party couch locked with heavy eyes. It also won’t send everyone into isolation to contemplate unfathomable revelations. Instead, count on Tahoe OG Kush to bring fresh energy to the group and inspire new activity.

Medical prescription use.

  • Insomnia. Great bud to unwind and mellow out with. Will certainly provide sedative properties and internal relaxation.
  • Anxiety. This strain is head strong and will pacify your angst without leaving you feeling out of control.
  • Muscle pain. Although not a strong body high, the Tahoe OG Kush will definitely allow you to notice subtle easing of muscle tension. Would be a great high before getting a massage.
  • ADD/ADHD. This is a good strain for manipulating attention span. The high keeps your awareness in the moment and doesn’t overly excite the imagination.

Grow Info

Method: Tahoe OG Kush has been known to grow well in both indoor and outdoor settings as well as hydroponically.

Flower: 8-10 weeks depending on the phenotype and environment.

Yield: Moderate – high

Climate: Temperate. 65-80 degrees, lower towards the end of flower. This strain does better in lower humidity environments.

Nutrients: Like most OGs, lots of calcium, and nitrogen will help bulk the buds up.

Get seeds here!

Have you tried Tahoe OG Kush? Even grown it? Let us know in the comments below what your take on it is!

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