Sharing is Not Caring… How to Avoid Herpes

No one really knows if they get that scary word. They’ll get a cold sore and sometimes it’ll go away, sometimes it won’t. If it won’t go away chances are you’ve contracted some strain of the herpes simplex virus. It sounds scary but believe me it’s quite easy to get rid of it. But before I get to that. STOP PASSING THE BLUNT!

You may have heard before that herpes can’t be treated and you’re stuck with it for life. Wrong….but kind of right. Here’s why. Viruses are actually strings of DNA that tell our bodies to make bad proteins. So our immune system finds a way to chop up the DNA so it can’t make the proteins. Imagine ripping up a Lego instruction book and making the same toy car.

When our bodies figure out a way to kill the viral material we store the material in our bodies so that if we ever run into the same infection again, we’ll know how to kill it. So technically yes you have viral material in your body, we all do, but it’s not active. If it is, this is how you can deal with it.

So what’s the miracle? Vitamin C… That’s right. The crap you get from oranges. All you have to do is buy some ascorbic acid powder and take a lot of it. Vitamin C can kill all viruses. It’s worked for me. Stomach flues…gone, cold sores…vanished, colds…forget about it!

Then there’s Vitamin D. People with healthier levels of Vitamin D have less sickness. The RDA for both of these are so low that they just keep you healthy enough to not have rickets and scurvy. You can’t exactly get too much of either so do with that what you will.

If this all seems a bit much just remember, sharing is not caring.

By: Colin

Cover Photo: tanjila ahmed

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