Shaman Tea


Shaman Tea is made like any other tea, well, almost. This tea helps to heal and feel rejuvenated, the high lasts longer than smoking (about 8 -10 hours) and is just as strong and long lasting as an edible, perfect for those looking to get high without smelling like skunk all day! This can be just as strong as a psychedelic depending on the green thumb that makes it and the individual’s sensitivity to the THC. Shaman Tea is said to facilitate in attaining higher consciousness, keen insight, sharper awareness, and to heighten your intuition.



½ gram of cannabis

2 cups of water

2 tablespoons of coconut oil (one in boiling water and one in coffee cup)

1 tablespoon of Chaga mushroom




Wooden spoon (or stirring equal)

Table spoon

Favorite cup

Metal tea ball or empty tea bag (Optional)

Grinder (Optional)


Shaman Tea: How it’s made

Step 1.

Add two cups of water in a pot along with a tablespoon worth of coconut oil and another tablespoon worth of chaga mushroom powder into the pot. Turn the water on high and let it boil, stir so that the chaga mushroom can darken the water, the darker the richer the tea will be. The boiling time should be for about 5 minutes.

Step 2.

As the water boils grab a coffee cup and add about a dime worth of cannabis into the cup. Then take another tablespoon worth of coconut oil and place it into the cup as well.

Shaman Tea

Step 3.

Now grab the pot and pour the boiling chaga water into the coffee cup over the cannabis. Use a spoon to stir it into the hot water and add pressure to the cannabis if it’s still in nug form, if you grinded your cannabis then just stir in and then let it sit for about 10 minutes.

Shaman Tea

Shaman Tea

NOTE: You can consume the cannabis if you want or make another cup but be mindful that this can be an intense high so please know your sensitivity to the THC before going overboard.


Q & A

  1. Is there a difference between whole chaga and the powdered kind?
  2. There is no difference between whole chaga and powdered chaga mushroom, both work really well.


  1. Where do you get chaga from?
  2. You can get some good chaga from Amazon, GNC or Etsy. Chaga also grows natively to certain art of the norther united states.


  1. Is 1/2 gram the recommended starting point? Would it be pointless to do less, or what if you wanted to do 2 grams??
  2. You can do 2 grams if you’d like, it’s really all about your tolerance. If you’re sensitive to THC then less is more when it comes to this tea but 2 grams will have great results!


  1. When do recommend consuming Shaman Tea? I.e. Before bed, after yoga, for nausea, etc…
  2. You should take this an hour before meditation, yoga, writing or whatever you like to do as a creative outlet. It’s not recommended to operate any machinery after drinking this tea, it can get really intense if you’re behind a wheel which isn’t what this tea is for. This tea is great for nausea, migraine headaches, chronic pain or any of the diseases qualified for medical marijuana. It will help you be at ease and at peace emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.



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