Mike Tyson Grows Weed Now?

The legendary boxer Mike Tyson, iron mike, has unveiled a new venture starting this 2018 in the California area. The world’s youngest heavyweight boxing champion has in the company of his business partners acquired a ranch in California for research into marijuana.

Tyson’s Green Endeavor

Following the legalization of marijuana in the California area, Mike Tyson has now started on his new venture. This project as he describes it is to be an oasis in the desert. Tyson has managed to acquire a 40-acre piece of land on which he plans to grow marijuana on. The former boxer and his business partners, Jake Storrmen and Robert Hickman, broke ground on December 20th last year about 110 miles to the north of Los Angeles. According to reports and sources close to the venture, Tyson aims at dedicating 20 acres of the land into the professional growth and development of various marijuana strains. The other half will be used to hydro-feed plant and an extraction facility, supply store as well as an edible facility. The facility that will be named after his icon is to be named iron mike genetics. This trademark will be used on the ranch and any research made on it. Tyson has emphasized that research this company aims at is solely on the maximization of the medicinal properties associated with the plant. This is by growing and perfecting selected strains of the marijuana plant with high levels of CBS.

Medicinal Benefits of Marijuana

Research shows that the marijuana plant hosts CBS, a non-psychoactive compound. In the right environment, this can be extracted from the plant to treat a number of psychological conditions including PTSD. It is for this reason that some sources indicate that Tyson aims at largely employing ex-military personnel and veterans to work on the ranch. CBS has also exhibited properties acting as anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsants, antioxidants, and antipsychotics. Success in Tyson’s research will prove revolutionary in the medical use of marijuana

Boxer’s History with Cannabis

Tyson has been a long time believer in the medicinal properties of marijuana. The former boxer has been arrested in several instances under the influence of marijuana and even fined for its use before matches. He has admitted to having used marijuana before some matches during his career that saw him branded as the youngest heavyweight champion in history.

Following the recent passing of pro- cannabis legislation, it is now legal to have and even grow marijuana in California if its for ‘recreational’ or medical purposes. This is however only allowed for adults 21 years of age or higher. Taking advantage of this permit, Tyson aims at the development of the plant’s medical advantages and if successful, help many people in need of its assistance. If the business will do anywhere as good as the legend’s career, it has a great future ahead

Cover Photo: Eduardo Merille

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