Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced in Kentucky

Two weeks into 2018 the state of Kentucky sees its first push to legalize marijuana for medicinal use. House Bill 166 was submitted to the House of Representatives last Wednesday and if passed Kentucky will join 29 other states already providing medical marijuana to qualifying patients.

Advocates for HB 166

Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes has called for locals to lobby the General assembly in support of the bill. “What started as a whisper years ago is now a loud chorus. Kentuckians have declared 2018 as the year they expect action on medical marijuana from their legislators.” Grimes’ encouragements were centered on proven health benefits, “We’ve heard real, heart-wrenching stories from all over the Commonwealth about how access to cannabis can provide long-lasting and life-changing relief. The serious discussions this task force had have resulted in a solid piece of legislation that can change lives.”

State Rep. John Sims, the bill’s primary sponsor, and State Rep. Alan Gentry, as cosponsor, both see medical marijuana as a significant improvement over the prescription pill epidemic. “I’ve seen several guys suffer from opioid addiction,” said Gentry. “And then I have seen guys move to medical marijuana successfully.”

Humble Beginnings

A grassroots movement for the bill was led by Maysville residents Eric and Michelle Crawford. The couple began advocating for medical marijuana at town halls statewide after meeting in a rehabilitation clinic. “I’ve been living in pain for too many years. Thankfully, I have found medical marijuana works,” said Eric Crawford. “I want the relief I experience — natural, organic relief — to be accessible to every Kentuckian who needs it. And let every legislator know, in 2018 Kentuckians are watching. We are expecting you to act. You will hear from us.”

House Bill 166 would allow for patients to receive a prescription for various illness including but not limited to terminal disease, PTSD, cancer, as well as eating disorders. Patients would also gain a permit to grow up to 12 plants for personal use.

Cover Photo: Ken Lund

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