How to Get High when Your Stash Runs Dry

When Stash Runs Dry

So you want to know how to get high after you’ve run out of weed? “We just smoked the last nug out of the bag, man, what are we going to do?” Relax, man. There are methods for getting high when your stash runs dry (other than crawling on the ground for rug nugs). We have listed below several methods which are ranked by dignity. Smoke your last roach and let’s start off with the most dignified.

Keef in the bag.

No more weed? No more problem. Also, no more saying stuff like that because there actually is a problem. But don’t worry yet, grab your last bag, and any other you may have available. Take up one with both hands, use your thumb and index fingers, and gently begin to rub the layers of the bag back and forth. Work in downwards motions towards the corner, where, the goal is to collect leftover weed debris and keef. Once you’re satisfied you have everything in the corners, simply take a pair of scissors and snip the corners off. Voila. Hopefully you have at least one good packet of keef. Use it wisely.

Keef in your grinder.

Ok yes, obviously go check your keef catch and see what’s there. Once that’s gone get ready to check again. Ready? Ok not so fast. First close that grinder up and pop it in the freezer for a good 15 minutes. Remove said grinder. Give said grinder a few firm taps on a hard surface with the keef catch at the bottom. Ok, now check again.


Smoke them! No don’t, it was a joke. This method is similar to the last in that you will need to repeat all the steps. However, before putting everything in the freezer, place a nickel in the loose herb chamber and grind up your stems. When you’ve taken it out, give it a shake for about 30 seconds. Then a couple taps on a hard surface. And, ok, check it again. Hmm don’t have a grinder? Well then yes… just smoke the stems. For a more concentrated pack, peel the sides of the stems and just smoke the peelings.

Resin Hits, Knife Hits.

So… things may be getting a tiny bit desperate. It’s cool though, for now. Just grab a knife or similar object and scrape the inside of your bowl. If you have a dry-hit pipe its ok for the shavings to fall through the chamber hole, for everything else (bongs, bubblers, etc.) you will need to remove the shavings. Anyways, when that bowl is polished, you’re lined up just to grab a lighter and take a dank resin hit. Yay, resin…


Where’s a paperclip when you need one? Nobody else knows either. So find something similar like a bobby pin. Get creative with your tool, just don’t use a stick, which will break and make a mess. And if you’re not sure what your tool is for yet, well, it’s for mining resin out of your pipe(s). It pretty much explains itself, so yes, just scrape some resin out. If the resin is too moist to smoke, place it on a piece of non-glossy paper. Fold the paper and press into the resin so that the moisture is absorbed. Move the resin to a dry spot a repeat until smoke able. Overall smoking resin isn’t the most dignified, but its understandable, and depending on how often you smoke / scrape your pipe, this method could keep you busy for quite some time.

Ghetto Vape.

Pretty sure we’re coining this term, and we’re not proud of it. The other methods have their justifications, and can probably still be associated with good times. This method involves neither of the two. Also, fair warning, this will cause a foul stench not easily removed from your mom’s kitchen. So either live alone or go outside for this. Ok, first, grab those resin scraped pipes, or for an even more gnar vape session, don’t scrape them. Anyways you’ll need a couple more things: a heat source (like fire), and a tube (resistant to heat). With your heat source on a stable surface, we’ll assume you have a lit candle or something, place your pipe on top. You want it to be just out of reach from the flame so the glass doesn’t char. After a couple minutes you will start to see smoke appear at the openings in your glass. That’s when hold one end of your tube up to a hole and begin the heinous act of ghetto vaping. Even heavy smokers may not need much for this to get them high, so take it easy. And make sure you have something to drink close by. And some gum.

May you never have to resort to these methods for getting high. May your stash be fresh and bountiful. But if you ever get caught in a bind, hopefully you find this helpful. Also, don’t ever rule out the possibility of just, erm, not smoking weed for a bit? Just call this period of dryness a “tolerance break.”

Share your experience with us in the comments below! Also if you have another method please let us know and we’ll share it here with everyone else.

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