How to Germinate a (Cannabis) Seed

How to germinate a pot seed

This is a guide on how to germinate a seed. Particularly a cannabis seed. This method has a high rate of success, but will not work for all other plant types, so experiment as you wish.

Things you’ll need:

  • Seeds
  • Watertight container
  • Paper towel or equivalent
  • Water
  • Medium to transplant to

Step one.

Place seed or seeds (as many as can fit submerged in water) into a container. It’s not necessary to seal the top. Leave the container of seeds in a cool dark place for roughly 18-24 hours. Do not let your seeds sit longer than this as they will need oxygen, so for further consideration, do not over water your seeds or plants in the future as it will suffocate them.

Seeds in water

Step Two.

After letting the seeds sit, drain them of their water. You may notice some taproots already on a few. Fold a paper towel in half until you have about a 1 inch crevice (you may need to experiment with the size based on your container).  Lightly soak the paper towel in water and place it on an even surface with the crevice side exposed.  Evenly space the seeds about an inch apart along the crease of the fold. When finished, press the fold closed and coil it just enough to fit inside your container. Place the paper towel in the container with about ½” of water at the bottom. In a warm spot, leave the container to sit for 2-3 days. It’s very important to keep the water level maintained throughout the duration.

NOTE: It is possible, with success, to skip this step and plant the pre-soaked seeds directly into whichever medium you will be transferring them to. The point of this step is to ensure a certain level of maturity beforehand.

Seed in paper towel

Seed in jar

Step Three.

When the tap roots are mostly visible (should be under an inch long at this point), it’s time to transplant. At this point the medium used to take the seed is a matter of preference. For this guide we will be using soil.

It’s important, regardless of the medium, to not introduce fertilizers or nutrients at this stage (the seed itself contains the necessary food for the plant to grow initially). Doing so could shock the plant and result in its demise! Allow for several weeks of growth or until you start seeing fan leaves until starting your feeding schedule. Also during this time light is important, and for that the sprout will need around 18 hours of light per day. A little less or a little more is a matter of preference, but its light cycle should be that which you plan on using throughout the vegetation state.


Final Remarks

Like most plants, temperature matters, and for that you’ll need to be aware of the requirements per your strain. For the most part, cannabis is grown in moderate climates, so room temperature at a medium humidity will be sufficient.

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Germinating seeds, well, growing plants in general, takes patience. Do not rush this important phase of your cannabis plant’s life! Successful growth and a bountiful harvest will be your reward later! With that said – good luck! Look forward to seeing what your sprouts look like. Feel free to share your own methods, tips, or admonishments in the comments below.

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