Eliminating THC from The Body: A Quick Detox Guide

Need to pass a drug test? Ya, sure that’s not why you’re here. Detoxing THC is an important process that will enable you to become clean, get rid of toxins from your body and enhance your health. However, the time taken to detox THC depends on various factors. According to Healthline.com, the period that thc takes to get out of your system is determined by the percentage of body fat, metabolism rates, eating habits, together with the frequency or quantity of substance abuse. As a result, no standard that has been established so far though some scholars argue that the period can range from days to several months.

As stated by Butterfield, the best way to get way to get thc out of your system is to abstain and wait. In addition to that, there are also other credible mechanisms that can be used to detox THC as outlined in the following six steps.

1. Detox drinks

Butterfield states that detox drinks play a critical role in diluting urine as well as removing any toxins from the body. Nevertheless, the level of effectiveness of these drinks vary. Similarly, the human bodies respond differently to the materials. When purchasing a detox drink, it is critical to keenly review the ingredients to establish whether it has any allergies. Also, ensure that the drinks are from a reliable source and they contain all the necessary natural materials. Butterfield further states that Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is the best brand available in the market today.

2.Fruit pectin 

As argued by Butterfield, fruit pectin is essential for those individuals facing urine, blood or saliva tests. In this particular case, an electrolyte drink should be mixed with a packet of fruit pectin before the test is conducted. Fruit pectin is rich in fiber to help remove thc from the body through bowel movements. Additionally, the fiber is supposed to prevent thc metabolites from penetrating into urine or the blood stream.

3.Healthy diet

To clear THC from your system, you need to eat a high-fiber diet including fruits and vegetables. That will enhance the efficiency of your digestive tract. The micro nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables facilitate the process. Other helpful supplements include activated charcoal, magnesium, and Vitamin B.

4. Sauna

In line with Butterfied, previous studies have indicated that routine sauna prevents the accumulation of toxic substances including lactic acid, sodium, and uric acid. On the other hand, sauna has been associated with various adverse effects such as aggravating heart attacks.

5.Physical exercise

A Physical activity a few days before a drug test plays a crucial role in burning fat cells that contain or attached to the THC. In this case, the exercise helps THC to be released into the blood stream. That facilitates the process of getting it out of the system.


Lastly, Butterfield contends that dilution helps cover your bases when undergoing a urine test. That entails drinking a lot of water to increase and make the urine appear more concentrated. Other supplements to be used in the dilution process include vitamin B. Nevertheless; you should take caution to ensure that your urine sample does not become over diluted to avoid failing the test.


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