The idea for Fourth20 was forged in the proverbial fires of a bong, as most good ideas are. “Where can a dude get all kinds of awesome content brewed deep in the cannabis culture?” Not surprisingly, in a lot of places. Fourth20 is not the first online journal concerned with weed (there are a lot of good ones out there!), and it won’t be the last, but it certainly aims to bring the best information and a welcoming community.

We encourage conversation and growth both in and outside of the cannabis lifestyle. With our focus on bringing about awareness and clarity to today’s issues and questions, we hope to provide rich content and subject matter for your reflection.


Meet the Staff

Ethan, Chief Editor
Born and raised in state where everyone loved weed, but weed was illegal. Now all that’s changing, and Ethan’s passion is bringing together the finest, coolest information and making it available for the world to behold. At Fourth20 Ethan is responsible for making sure all content runs smoothly and finding ways ensure everyone gets a smoke break.
Ethan’s hobbies include: starting fires, checking the mail, and saving money. He is also a sort of, cannabis connoisseur, if you will. While doing most of his hobbies, except for saving money, Ethan is usually observing the manifestations of ingested cannabis.


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