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Celeb Strains

With the marijuana industry quickly bringing in billions of dollars in revenues it’s no surprise that investors are looking to capitalize on the opportunity. On the front end of the investors celebrities are bringing their own cannabis strains and other related products to market. Almost all the celebrities have previous associations with marijuana, which gives immediately gives the brands more than names. It gives the nascent cannabis industry faces and much needed personality. Here we take a look at five celebs with their own strains and product lines.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson launched his personal cannabis strain over a year ago, calling it “Willie’s Reserve.” It was destined to be sold in his own stores in Washington and Colorado. In addition to the day of the strain’s launch, the star released a music video called “It’s all Going to Pot.” The video features Willie and Merle Haggard in the recording studio smoking joints. Nelson’s stores also stock cannabis-related products from likeminded entrepreneurs meeting his “quality standards.”

Snoop Dogg

The world-famous rapper has been selling cannabis and marijuana flower products in Colorado for some time. His custom cannabis line is called “Leafs by Snoop,” which went down a storm when the store was opened in Colorado in November 2015. Snoop’s line includes many other products aside from cannabis flower. Also available are concentrates and edibles. These include flavors like chocolate, peanut butter gems and fruit-flavored gummies that are perfect for a case of the “munchies.” Snoop has two custom cannabis strains – one indica and the other sativa to add balance to the array of edible cannabis products. “Leaf by Snoop” can be found at 19 dispensaries in Colorado.

Wiz Khalifa

Earlier this year, Wiz Khalifa entered into partnership with RiverRock Cannabis to develop an exclusive cannabis line. In a public statement, the rapper said he wanted to “end cannabis prohibition nationwide”. Consequently he has gone on to launch several custom cannabis strains in Colorado. Relatively late entrants into this arena, Khalifa and RiverRock have created a strain of Kush weed designed to give an energizing but relaxing high. Khalifa has personally involved himself in developing the taste of his custom cannabis strain, seeking a lemony tang with a hint of pine.


B-Real of Cypress Hill is already an award winning cannabis farmer. Most notably coming third in the San Bernando Cannabis Cup in the ‘Best Sativa Flower” class with his custom strain by the name of “Dr. GreenThumb’s Tangie”. The musician applied to set up a dispensary in Orange County, CA. Seems like some favor was on his side as his application was successful out of 636 other applicants. And this was despite having just started his new cannabis strain. The shop is called Dr. GreenThumb’s and is designed by the musician to give visitors “an experience.”

Tommy Chong

Actor and well-known cannabis activist Tommy Chong has unsurprisingly been actively producing cannabis products for some time. Chong’s well-documented brush with cancer is his most likely motivation in bringing CBD-based medical cannabis to market. Perhaps his most innovative invention has been the Smoke Swipe. The smell of smoke is completely removed with this device so you can happily “medicate” in the smallest of spaces without being detected. With a series of strains available under the brand Chong’s Choice Cannabis, the line also carries products including: vape cartridges, marijuana-infused breath drops and Chong’s pre-rolled cones carrying his signature smiling face.

2016 has been a big year for the cannabis industry and the rich and famous certainly aren’t going to miss their chance to jump on the legacy. Furthermore, if this trend continues, how will these brand names affect the market of “non-famous” growers? Also, is this the beginning of another Coke vs. Pepsi type marketing battle? Who knows!

Who do you think will be next to come out with a strain? Let us know in the comments!


Cover Photo: Ilyas Ahmad

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